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When Small is Beautiful

If you have lots of information to share, then rather than going for a really big panel, how about breaking it right down into a series of small panels. This was the approach taken by the Stewarton Woodlands Action Trust based in East Ayrshire.

The team wanted nature interpretation for one of their sites and challenged us to produce informative but unobtrusive panels. The information had to be attractive to all age groups. We decided on a set of A4 panels with each panel featuring just one species.

Each A4 panel has two photos showing different behaviours. The title is in Gaelic and English, the introductory paragraph gives just enough information that even if you don’t read anymore you will have gone away having learnt something.

Using a serious amount of editing, we researched and wrote just 150 words for the main body of the panel. In general, information was restricted to just one or two points about the animal or plant and was kept in simple, short sentences making it easy to read.

A colour panel on the right had an intriguing headline and then just 25-30 words as a fast and often fun fact.

The A4 panels were printed on PrimaDura, a tough, UV and vandal resistant material and mounted on simple oak posts designed by The Acorn Workshop.

The customer was so pleased, they were able to attract more funding and came back for extra panels a few months later!

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