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Your panels need to be professionally designed to make sure they are eye-catching and tell your story in the best way possible.

The Design Process

The earlier in the process you start talking to your designer the better. They will help you think through all the elements you need to provide and work out timescales.


If your organisation has design guides then tell us straight away to make sure we use the right colours and fonts. Otherwise we will use colours that complement or contrast with the photos and illustrations. Usually clear fonts rather than 'funky' ones work better as they are easier for the public to read.


We will send you a first draft for your consideration. Be honest and clear in your feedback and we will make the amendments. In general 3-4 drafts are enough to get it just right.


When you are happy you will need to sign off the design and we will then send it to the printers and supply you with a version to use on websites or in publicity.


Note: if you have a committee working on the project, get just one person to liaise between the designer and the committee – this helps prevent a lot of confusion!

Good design will tell your story in the best way  possible

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