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Recommended options



The design is reverse printed onto the back of a clear 5mm acrylic panel. This gives a really clear, bright finish. These will benefit from being cleaned off each year. Can be used outdoors but particularly suitable for indoor use.


A robust rigid panel with good colour and print quality. Comes with a UV laminate. 



This is a very high quality panel. The artwork is printed and baked onto a 3mm aluminium panel. These tough panels are graffiti resistant, fire, burn resistant and UV resistant. They are the most vandal proof option we have come across. 10 year warranty. Artwork reproduces with excellent colour and clarity. The panel can be recycled.








There are various options, from good value acrylic to top of the range panels that are vandal proof. Time is also a consideration, the cheaper ones can be turned around by a printer in about a week but the prime ones will take about a month.

Aluminium interpretation panel

Have tough do you need your panel to be?

Best Value
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