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Funding is key to most projects. Most people aren't in a position to self-fund and will be looking for a gift or grant. The good news is there are lots of funders who like interpretation panels!

How much do I need?

There are various elements that need to be included, each of which will attract costs. If you are going for funding then 'think big'! Most funders such as the Heritage Lottery Fund want a really well-executed project and would rather fund adequately than on the cheap. Start with the top of the range and then you can scale back your ideas if necessary but 'if you don't ask you don't get'.


As a ballpark figure allow around £1000 per A1 panel. As a rough guide the panel is split into the following elements:

  • Design

  • Print

  • Frame

  • Installation


Possible extras:

  • Planning application

  • Photographs

  • Mapping


See our price guide page for more information.



First try your local authority or council, if you are in or near a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty contact them for advice. Most supermarkets run charity schemes as do Veolia Environmental Trust. The National Lottery Heritage Fund can be a really good option for larger projects. Google 'grants for environmental projects' for more options.

If you don't ask - you don't get!

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