Price Guide

These prices are a guide for the design and print of your interpretation panel. There are a number of frame options so please check The Acorn Workshop main website for more details. To get a quote please call us to discuss your project. The exact design cost will vary depending on the complexity of the content, illustrations, maps etc.

Design Price Guide:

A0 - £300

A1 - £250

A2 - £225

A3 - £150

A4 - £100

Extras: maps, illustrations, photography

Note prices are lower for multiple panels with the same template 


Print Price Guide

Based on printing on PrimaDura panels (recommended).

A0 - £210

A1 - £175

A2 - £150 

A3 - £100

A4 - £75

If you are providing your own artwork then we can arrange the print and frame for you. 


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Don't forget your frames!